What are the Major Benefits of Using Industrial Plugs and Sockets?

Industrial plugs and sockets are commonly seen on every electric board. The main electrical lines are connected with the help of plugs and sockets. It is essential to use good quality plugs and sockets because high voltage current passes through. A socket is a point through which the plug connects the appliance with the electricity. […]

Why are Maintenance Free Earthing Solutions Important?

Earthing systems are the protective covers required by every reliable electrical system. Installing a good earthing system is important as the same ensures that the electric system is maintained and protected against short circuits. Thus good earthing systems are important. This helps to ensure the safety of human life and the environment. Maintenance-free earthing solutions […]

Importance Of Heat Shrink Sleeves In Piping Systems

Most heat shrink kits comprise of heat shrink coupler, heat shrink tubes, mastics, heat shrink sleeve and other components. All the items are necessary to ensure total termination of risks. Heat shrinks are used for various applications like wire insulation, food wrapping, sterilization protection, the aerospace sector and medical device. One of the most common […]

Debunking Myths Associated with Chemical Earthing System

Earthing and lightning protection is crucial for every building and facility. It is necessary not to compromise on safety regarding these matters. This is why earthing is required to eliminate the electrostatic discharge and faulty current passing. You can buy the system from a reputable manufacturer for chemical earthing in Kolkata. Chemical earthing is a […]

What are the Benefits of Installing Lightning Arrestors?

Installing a lightning protection system in the building is a wise decision. They protect the structure against lightning waves with abnormally high voltage. These arrestors intercept the voltage and prepare a safe path for the current to reach the ground. This direct current trail prevents damage from fires or explosions. You can buy the Lightning […]

A Complete Overview of How Lightning Arresters Work

When you talk about electricity, safety should always be a priority. The biggest risk is during a lightning storm, which can damage electrical appliances. This is why purchasing the lightning arrester as Per IS 62305 is a great decision. You can consult the experts to equip the building with this lightning defence. It provides efficient […]

What are the Key Benefits of Using Industrial Plugs and Sockets?

Industrial plugs and sockets are two main products used in electric power distribution systems. They provide an electric connection to the mains, which have a higher voltage than the household plugs. This is how it provides a consistent power supply to large machines and devices. Modern industrial plugs are well-built with waterproof features that make […]

How to Buy the Right Kind of Electrical Supplies?

For people who work in the electrical field or want to try DIY for their home’s electrical system, it is important to choose the right kind of electrical supplies. Installing electrical lines and instruments with improper supplies will increase the risks of having accidents and damages. To ensure the long life of electrical hardware in […]

Heat Shrink Tubes Vs. Cold Shrink Tubes – Which One to Choose?

Both heat and cold shrink tubes look similar; however, they are different feature-wise. Most people who are not aware of the differences sometimes get confused between the two types of tubes. Depending on the different insulation techniques, these shrink sleeves are used for different types of applications. Since both are used for electrical equipment hence, […]

Why and How Electrical Earthing Materials work?

Electric earthing is a protective covering that can protect you from getting sudden electric shock. With different earthing materials, a path is created for the flow of the current to the earth. However, to make an electric earthing safe, you need to pay attention to the materials used. Earthing materials manufacturers in Kolkata use effective […]