Industrial Metal-Clad Plugs and Socket

Available range: Single Phase 10 & 20A, 250 V
Three-phase 20A, 30A and 63A / 440V



Salient Features 10-30 Amps:

  1. Non reversibilty.
  2. Non-corroding pressure-cast aluminium alloy, combining lightness and compactness with strength, for plug,scoket and conduit boxes.
  3. Shrouded plug pins to prevent accidental contact with fingers while inserting or taking out the plug.
  4. Extra finger-grips on plugs for easy removal from socket.
  5. Tapering flexible cable guard protects and holds the cable tight at the plug entry, avoiding undue pressure on the terminals.
  6. Moulded interiors of plugs and sockets are made from materials with excellent electrical insulating properties.
  7. Deeply recessed contact tubes of sockets offer maximum protection while handling.
  8. Contact tubes of sockets are of the self-aligning type and can be detached easily for wiring purposes.
  9. Scraping earth feature ensures that the earth connection is made first and broken after the main circuit connection.
  10. Matched conduit boxes with sockets facilitate conduit entry from any one of the four direction without altering the socket setting.
  11. Durable finish with stove enamel paint for the metal castings of plugs, sockets and conduit boxes.

63 Amps – 3 Poles + N + E + P (6 Pin) : Complies with BS 4343

  1. Plug & socket units are of non-corroding die-cast aluminium alloy and finished with stove enamel paint.
  2. Moulded interiors of plug & socket are made from high quality DMC material for good mechanical strength and anti-tracking properties.
  3. Units are interchangeable with similar ratings of other brands manufactured to British standards.
  4. Electrical interlocking facility through pilot pin is provided at the center of the plug.
  5. Contact tubes of the sockets and plugs are of the self-adjusting type so as to ensure proper contact and smooth operation of the plug.
  6. Spring-loaded lid protects the socket from moisture and dust when the plug is withdrawn.
  7. Plug is provided with compression gland arrangement to grip the cable firmly
  8. Special construction of earthing terminal in socket ensures that earth connection is made first and broken last.
  9. Plug insertion into the socket is fool-proof and non-reversible.

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