Shock Proof Tiles

Sintex Shock Proof Tiles – a perfect substitute for insulating rubber mat.

Hot press moulded from advance composite of plastic, Sintex Shock-Proof Tiles are easy to fix to the floor. As they remain permanently fixed, they offer protection for all the time. Tested and approved by renowned institute like Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore and Electrical Research and Development Association, Baroda, Sintex Shook – Proof Tiles have come as a boon to electrical consultants, contractors, electricity boards, utility companies and industries for applications like flooring in electric sub-stations, flooring in front of electrical panels, equipments, apparatus etc.




  1. High dielectric strength.
  2. Non-hygroscopic and hence excellent electrical properties even when exposed to moisture or water.
  3. Tested and approved by CPRI, Bangalore and ERDA, Baroda.
  4. Exceed values as laid down in IS 5424-1969 even with a thickness of 2.5 mm and therefore can be fixed permanently in electrical sub-stations and areas.
  5. Can be flushed on the floor and hence do not obstruct movement of breaker trolleys.
  6. Being permanently fixed, give 100% protection all throughout their life.
  7. Anti-slip surface.
  8. Light weight and very strong.
  9. Dimensionally stable.
  10. Life of over 30 years.
  11. Available in convenient size of 1 M x 1 M, 1 M x 0.5 M and 0.5 M x 0.5 M.

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