SMC Junction Boxes

Biggest ever range of shock-proof, rust-proof, maintenance-free and durable Boxes & Distribution Boards (DB’s) for electrical sector.

Leakage of current associated with poor earthing is a common feature for a variety of reasons and metallic enclosures conduct electricity resulting in electrocution, deaths and accidents. Sintex SMC Boxes are 100% shock-proof, 100% rust-proof, maintenance free and extremely durable Boxes and Distribution Boards (DB’s) made out of modern age insulating materials such as Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC).



Unique Features:

  1. High heat distortion temperature (200°C as per IS:10192)
  2. Fire retardant – Class FVO as per IS:11731 Part – II or VO as per UL 94
  3. Non-fusing.
  4. Shock-proof & rust-proof.
  5. Rot-proof and termite-resistant.
  6. 100% weatherable – ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.
  7. Elegant appearance.

Range & Specifications:

SMC Distribution Boards (DB’s) for MCB:
Application: Surface mounted or recess in wall, Indoor or Outdoor use.
Construction: One piece moulded SMC base and SMC cover with cut-out. Removable cover fitted to base with mechanical fasteners.
Colour: Off-white.
Accessories: DIN Channel, Bus bar, neutral terminals, earthing bolt, blanking plates and plugged holes.

SMC Junction Boxes:
Application: Indoor / Outdoor / recess in wall / surface mounted.
Construction: One piece moulded SMC base and SMC door.
Door fixing: Hinged-Door fixed to base with hinges on Right (R) or Left (L) Side.
Removable: The cover fixed to base with mechanical fastener.
Colour: Off-white.

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