SMC Meter Boxes

Hot press moulded from advanced composites of plastics, namely, SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), these boxes are free from all the problems of rusting, maintenance, denting, splitting etc. associated with the conventional boxes while offering excellent utility to all the users. Specially designed concealed hinges; suitable locking facility and lids that make them free from tampering and pilferage. Additionally, these boxes have no resale value and thus the lids of the boxes or the whole boxes are not prone to theft which is found to be common in many cast iron and metallic boxes having resale value.



Unique Features:

  1. Single piece moulded without any joints.
  2. Concealed metal hinges.
  3. Mounting screws fitted from inside.
  4. Metal hardware for wire seal.
  5. Adequate space for meter and cut-outs.
  6. Light weight yet strong.
  7. Wide range for different applications.
  8. Excellent weatherability.
  9. Safe for consumers.
  10. Prices matching with conventional meter boxes.

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Meter Box 1
Meter Box 2