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Lightening arrester

A Complete Overview of How Lightning Arresters Work

When you talk about electricity, safety should always be a priority. The biggest risk is during a lightning storm, which can damage electrical appliances. This is why purchasing the lightning arrester as Per IS 62305 is a great decision. You can consult the experts to equip the building with this lightning defence. It provides efficient protection in a technically superior way.

What is a Lightning Arrester?

The lightning arresters or surge arresters are a device that you can install to protect homes and buildings. At times, lightning produces high voltage power from different sources. It can directly hit your building or a nearby object.

You can install this device on overhead lines and transmission poles. Lightning strokes generate high transient voltage, sparks and surge current. It defends the system by creating a secure lane for the discharging current and forwards power to the ground.

How Does the Lightning Arrester Work?

The technicians install the lightning arrestors as Per IEC 62305 near points of entry of critical appliances. It can be the electrical panel or near the generator. It functions on a single principle – the arrester activates when lightning strikes and diverts current to the ground. It breaks down the insulation of the arrester for one moment. This way, the voltage surge is discharged towards the ground. Once the voltage of the power system comes to a fixed value, it restores insulation among the conductor and ground. Eventually, the current flow toward the ground stops.

Hence, the main task of lightning arresters is creating a safe pathway for current to travel, rather than through the appliances.

Types of Lightning Arresters

There are two types of lightning arrestors. The construction is different, while the working mechanism is the same.

Horn Gap Arresters: This kind has two metal rods in a horn shape, made around a small air gap. The manufacturers arrange the rods on ceramic insulators. You can increase the gap between rods if needed.

You can connect the horns with two dissimilar metal wires. One side remains connected to the horn, and the other is grounded.

Multi Gap Arresters: It has a sequence of metal cylinders with insulation. It is divided through air gaps. The experts connect the primary cylinder to the electric line and the remaining ones to the ground.

Valve Arresters: This kind is suitable for electrical systems with high power arrangements. The two main components form a sequence of spark gaps. Besides, there is another series of non-linear resistor discs.

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