3M Scotchcast Cable Joinitng Kit for LT PVC / PILC / XLPE cables have been designed for simplicity in installation and a prolonged service life.

3M Scotchcast Joints for LT Cables are based on a cast resin system. The casting resin is polyurethane based which has complete compatibility with the cable components. The cast resin system provides the electrical insulation, mechanical protection and moisture imperviousness to the joint. These joints are designed for compression connection, mechanical connectors or soldering of cable conductors. The sealing arrangement is also based on a cast resin system.



3M Scothcast Joints are available in the following types:

  1. Straight Through Joints
  2. Tee Joints
  3. Indoor / Outdoor Terminations

3M Scotchcast LT Joints and Terminations have been tested as per Engineering Recommendation C-81 of the Engineering Recommendation Council of CEGB, U.K.

The test recommendation requires the joints to withstand mechanical impact, heat shock tests, water penetration test (under pressure), with and without damage to the outer-sheath, and load cycle tests, so that the working life of the joint can be evaluated.


Scothcast 450