SMC Sheets

Antistatic Sheets a perfect substitute for Antistatic PVC tiles and laminates. Hot press moulded from advanced composites of plastics, Sintex Antistatic Sheets offer an unmatched surface resistivity of less than 1000000 Ohms which no other material can offer even by usage of internal or external antistatic agent. This characteristic makes Sintex Antistatic Sheets permanently antistatic and totally safe. These sheets are made on modern compressing moulding presses in standard size of 1 M x 1 M but in thickness ranging from 1.5 mm to 15.0 mm. These sheets are machinable and can be conveniently cut, drilled and joined using normal workshop tools. Thus, this sheets can be easily converted into bus bar supports, mounting plates, terminal boards etc. for use in electrical and electronic equipments.



The Sintex Antistatic Sheets have come as a boon to telecom departments, computer furniture manufactures, instrument manufacturers, hospitals, electronic factories, computer industry, banks etc. for application for electronic telephone exchanges, computer rooms, operation theatres, counters, fire hazard areas etc.

Special Features:

  1. Excellent dielectric properties such as volume resistivity, surface resistivity, arc resistance and comparative tracking index.
  2. Non-hygroscopic and retain dielectric properties even in presence of high humidity.
  3. Can withstand continuous temperature up to 140º C.
  4. Anti-corrosive and resistant to most acids, alkalies & chemicals.
  5. Weatherable and suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions.
  6. Self-coloured and maintenance-free.
  7. Light weight, strong, stiff and clean.
  8. High strength to weight ratio as compared to conventional materials.
  9. Easy to fabricate, cut, drill, punch, shear or route as done with other laminates using normal workshop tools. Joints made by chemical adhesives and/or mechanical fasteners.
  10. Available in size of 1 M x 1 M and in thickness of 1.5 mm to 15 mm.

The Unbeatable Advantages:

  1. Permanently antistatic.
  2. Surface resistivity of less than 10 / 6 Ohms (1 Meg ohm).
  3. Rot-proof, rust-proof and maintenance-free.
  4. Termite-proof and non-decaying.
  5. Light weight, easy to handle yet very strong.
  6. Extremely durable.
  7. Need no further sheetings or tiles.
  8. Tested and approved by CIPET, Ahmedabad.

Comparative Advantages:

Sintex sheets are far better than paper-based and cotton-based phenolic sheets on all counts. The electrical properties of Sintex sheets are comparable to those of glass epoxy sheets. In respect of mechanical properties, Sintex sheets are far superior to phenolic sheets whereas they are in conformity with the performance requirements as against glass epoxy sheets.

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