3M Tapex System of cable jointing follows the time tested technique of rebuilding the cable construction.

The system is simple and is based on three components:

  • Self Amalgamating Insulating Tapes.
  • Self Amalgamating Semi-Conducting Tapes.
  • Non Linear Stress Grading Pads.


The non linear stress grading material eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming process of tapering the XLPE insulation at ferrule end in straight through joints. The stripped cable insulation, conductor screen and insulation screen are rebuilt with Self Amalgamating EPDM Tapes. This is the most proven and dependable method of jointing, which extends even beyond 66kV class of cables.

It has been specially designed for ideal performance in conditions with uncontrolled back fill & presence of sub-soil water. The same system with minor modifications is suitable for jointing XLPE to PILC i.e. for making Transition Joints.


  1. Few components and no mastics.
  2. Easy to install as it requires no heating
  3. No tapering of XLPE insulation
  4. Cold Flow property
  5. Thermally compatible with XLPE insulation
  6. Provides complete mechanical & moisture protection

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