Industrial Metal-Clad Plugs and Sockets

Available Range of Plug & Sockets / Interlocked Units

  1. Single Phase : 10 and 20 Amps 250 Volts
  2. Three Phase : 20, 30 and 63 Amps 440 Volts


Salient Features – 10 to 30 Amps Plug & Socket

  1. Pressure die cast aluminium alloy.
  2. Plug pins are shrouded to prevent accidental contact with fingers.
  3. Non reversibility.
  4. Cable grip are provided to eliminate strain on cable end termination.
  5. Plug interiors are made out of glass filled polyester having excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
  6. Socket contacts are deeply recessed for protection during handling and of self aligning type.
  7. Scraping earths are provided to ensure earth connection is made first and broken last.
  8. Metallic stoving Polychromatic enamel finish.

63 Amps 440 Volts Plug & Socket 3 Phase, Neutral, earth and pilot(3P+N+E+P) 6 Pin – confirming to BS : 4343 / IEC – 309

  1. Die cast alu. alloy.
  2. Non reversibility.
  3. Plug & Socket interiors are made out of glass filled polyester.
  4. These units are interchangeable with similar ratings made to British and IEC, standards.
  5. Spring loaded socket contact tubes are self aligning type to ensure smooth and positive contact with corresponding plug pins.
  6. Spring flap cover automatically closes once the plug is withdrawn.
  7. Cable grip is provided in the plug to eliminate strain on contact ends.
  8. Earthing contacts are specifically designed so that connection is made first and broken last.
  9. Units are epoxy powder coated.

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