MegaSeal General Purpose Epoxy Compound

There are two component (Resin and Hardener) epoxy formulation. Resin component is a light gray in color and hardener component is dark gray in color.

The resin component and hardener component are cut proportionally and are mixed thoroughly before use. It is general type and fast curing consisting of resin and hardener epoxy formulations and packed in stick forms. It has vast applications and is used for sealing, joining, fixing and building a variety of surfaces. Once cured it has a very tough and lasting bond.




  • Industrial: Sealing blow holes, cracks and leakages in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and castings. Can be moulded to give a smooth, finished, original look to the surface.
  • Electrical: Sealing and insulating cable terminals, cable entry into switch boxes and other electrical faults including oil filled electrical products. It is very useful in bonding metal parts to porcelain parts in electrical components.
  • Automobile: For fixing dents and cracks and sealing leakages in radiator, fuel tank, engine blocks, gear box, differential, carburetor, and other major & minor automotive components holds: Repairing, sealing and fixing-leakages and cracks in sanitary ware, bathroom fittings, taps, pipe joints, window panes, furniture, marble/granite/wooden blocks, nails, screws etc.

Mega seal metal filled epoxy compounds

These are two component (Resin & Hardener) epoxy formulation : Resin is an admixture of liquid and metal powder while hardener component is in liquid form.
Two type of MEGA SEAL Metal Filled Epoxy Compound are available for specific application and to have surface match with that of parent material.

Mega seal aluminum filled(AF)

Mega seal stell filled(SF)

Application of Epoxy Compounds:

A wide range of applications including:

  1. Foundries and Engg. Industries: Filling blow holes, cracks, making up uneven surfaces etc. in ferrous and non-joints / corners of wooden or metal patterns.
  2. Automobile: Repairing dents, silencer pipes etc. Sealing leakage in radiator, petrol. Tanks, Repairing of Aluminum Castings

Mega toughset – B

MEGA SEAL Toughset – B is a two component ( resin & hardener ) epoxy formulation. The resin component ( grey in colour) and hardener component (white in colour) have to be mixed together in the ratio of 1:1 by volume, or 10:8 by weight to a uniform white mixture devoid of any grayish streaks before use. The consistency of the mixture is such that it can be applied with a screw driver, spatula or hard brush. MEGA SEAL Toughset – B does not flow or sag after application. The resin and hardener mixture sets to a tough, resilient mass having excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, rubber, aggregate surfaces and also has excellent insulating and sealing properties.


As an insulation compound:

  1. Atmospheric action on aluminum / copper conductors of overhead service connections, jumpers, tapping for street lights etc. leads to oxidation, corrosion and loosening of these joint resulting in improper power supply, leading to open circuits and damage to main conductors. MEGA SEAL Toughset – B is ideal for protecting these joints from atmospheric effects as well as from loosening. Due to inherent resilience, it does not crack due to relative movement of the conductors.
  2. MEGA SEAL Toughset – B is ideal for preventing flashovers between Bus bars/metal enclosures, jumper wires etc. caused by vermin, rodents and birds. Due to its consistency, MEGA SEAL Toughset – B can by easily applied on Bus bars and built up to an adequate thickness to provide complete insulation upto 11 KV. Normally two coats, the second coat to be applied after the first one has cured, should be adequate.

As a sealing and repairing compound:

  1. MEGA SEAL Toughset – B can be used effectively for permanent weather -proofing and preventing ingress of moisture in power cable ends, motor terminal boxes, starters, junction boxes etc.
  2. MEGA SEAL Toughset – B is also suitable for repairing cracks in pipes, drums, tanks etc. It bonds well to variety of materials like steel, aluminum, ceramics, wood, rubber etc. In conjunction with fiberglass top/cloth, it can also be used for repairs of high pressure pipelines.

Mega monoplast

MEGA Monoplast, available in tape & lump, is single component, permanently elastic non corrosive sealing compound with high insulating & weather – proofing properties. MEGA Monoplast, in tape form can be very easily applied with minimum skill & wastage. It is mouldable and adheres to most clean, dry surface including PVC, XLPE and Rubber cable insulation, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Lead & Porcelain. It can easily be retained in place with the application of PVC non-adhesive tape, which is normally used for colour coding. Its sealing & electrical properties make MEGA Monoplast. the most economical, speedy & easy method for electrical insulation & weather – proofing applications. Once applied, MEGA Monoplast has excellent heat ageing properties too & can be used up to 800°C continuously. It does not blister, harden or cure. There will also be no greening of copper surface under normal working temperature for long hours. MEGA Monoplast is non-toxic, non-irritant & is absolutely harmless to the skin. It can be easily applied and moulded by hands. It is easily removable and reusable, as there is no deterioration of any properties during its working life.


  1. When HV / XLPE cable are used in bitumen type transformer / switch gear boxes, the terminals & cable lugs can be insulated easily with MEGA Monoplast.
  2. It can also be used for, insulating bus bar joints, as well as rounding off sharp edges on bus bar joints and bolted connection, to prevent corona discharges.
  3. Insulation and sealing connection between the terminal of transformer bushing and jumper wires to prevent oxidation and corrosion. Can also be used for insulation HV motor terminals.
  4. Insulating exposed electrical connection, as a safety precaution.
  5. Sealing cable entry portions of switchgear and motors, to prevent entry of vermin and rodents.

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