SMC Chequered Plates

Sintex SMC Chequered Plates are a perfect substitute for insulating rubber mats. Hot press moulded from advanced composites of plastics, namely SMC Sintex plates are easy to fix on floor. As they remain permanent in place, they offer protection to the people at all times. Tested and approved by renowned institutes like CPRI, Bangalore and ERDA, Baroda, Sintex SMC Chequered plates come as a boon to electrical consultants, contractors, electricity boards, utility companies and industries for applications like flooring in electrical sub-stations and in the front of electrical panels, equipments, apparatus etc. 100% shock-proof. Durable and maintenance free. Anti-corrosive. Giving insulation value of 12 Kv / mm of thickness. Can withstand the load of breaker trolley without obstructing their movement. High di-electric strength. Wonderful alternative as against insulated rubber mats.



Unique features:

  1. Durable and resistant to decay.
  2. Maintenance-free.
  3. High di-electric strength.
  4. High life expectancy.
  5. Light weight yet strong.
  6. Anti-corrosive.
  7. Can withstand the load of breaker trolleys without obstructing their movement.
  8. Tested as per IS.

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