Cold Shrink Technology – introduced by 3M – now has a 35 year track record of proven performance on the field, backed by consistent laboratory analyses, endorsing its advantages and durability.

The Cold Shrink cable joint and termination for Low & Medium voltage applications from 1.1 to 132kV – a 3M invention – provides the assurance that every connection is accurately sealed and insulated to ensure long-term protection.

3M cold shrink products are easier to apply and built to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Designed with the unique cold shrink delivery system from 3M, these products guarantee enhanced performance along with lower installation costs.



All cold shrink products from 3M conform to IEC / CENELAC / IEEE / VDE & IS international standards. Powered by innovation, 3M is constantly refining the cold shrink product portfolio to ensure enhanced performance.


Fast, East Installation: Advanced 3M Solutions provide terminations and splices installed in a fraction of the time. 3M kits also eliminate the need for soldering or special tools.

Reliable, long lasting materials: All 3M termination and splice materials have been factory tested and retested before being shipped to you. And all 3M products meet tough IEEE standards for performance and design rated class I.

Solutions to fit your specs: Kits are available for virtually any application, cable voltage or cable size.

Everything you need to terminate and splice: With 3M, you can order all the kits and accessories you need from the same source. So you can save time, simplify your ordering and reduce your paperwork.