Interlocked Switch Sockets

Salient Features

A. 20-30 Amps 440 Volts Plug & Socket :

  1. Non-Reversibility.
  2. Cast Aluminium Alloy casting.
  3. Fully strouded plug pins.
  4. Extra Finger-grip for plug.
  5. Rigid plastic cable grip for plug.
  6. Plug interiors of Glass-Filled Polyster material.
  7. Socket contacts recessed and self-alinging.
  8. Permanently resilient scraping earth ensuring prior earth connection, breaking after the main circuit connection.
  9. Poly chromatic silver ash stoving paint.


B. 63-125 Amps Plug & Socket :

  1. Aluminium Alloy casing in stove enamel finish.
  2. Insulated interiors manufactured from Glass Filled polyester material.
  3. Current conducting Plug pins and slotted socket tubes with collar spring are constructed in special brass to retain dimensional stability during repetitive operation.
  4. Spring loaded cam type cover for socket.
  5. Plug provided with compression type cable grip.
  6. Special construction of earthing contact both in socket & plug pin.
  7. Terminals equipped with screw type connection.

C. 20-30 Amps 440 Volts Interlocked Switch Socket :

  1. Double Break cam-operated ON-OFF Switch (AC 23 Duty).
  2. Fully wired.
  3. Special internal mechanical interlocking for FI units.
  4. Plug cannot be taken out in ON position.
  5. Switch cannot be closed without plug insertion in FI units.
  6. Cable entry on top and bottom.
  7. Flush or surface mounting.
  8. Spring flap socket cover in FI units.
  9. Epoxy painting and looping facility optional.
  10. Enclosure – Al. Alloy / Sheet steel (optional).

D. 63-125 Amps Fully Interlocked Switch Socket (FI) :

  1. Double break fuse switch (AC 23 duty) interlocked with socket.
  2. DMC moulded terminal block for incoming cable termination.
  3. Fully interlocking : Switch cannot be operated unless plug is inserted.
    Plug cannot be withdrawn unless switch is `OFF’.
  4. Enclosure cover can be removed only with switch ‘OFF’ and plug withdrawn .
  5. Two cable entries to receive upto 3.5 Core 70 / 120 PVC armoured cable.
  6. Epoxy painting and looping facility optional.
  7. Enclosure – Al. Alloy / Sheet steel (optional).

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Interlocked Unit 1
Interlocked Unit 2