3M Heat Shrink Technology offers complete range of Cable Jointing & Termination kits for XLPE, PILC, PVC & EPR Cables from 1.1 kV to 36 kV voltage grades. The heat shrinkable components & tubings undergo cross linking through electron beam radiation process.

3M Heat Shrink product range also includes various heat shrinkable components viz. Rain Sheds, Breakouts (two way, three way, four way), Right angle & Straight boots, Cable end caps, Wrap around sleeves, Bus bar tubing, Medium wall & Dual wall tubes.




  1. Covers all types of conductors and connection shapes.
  2. Environmental sealing by specially developed sealants.
  3. Effective and reliable stress control.
  4. Flexible kits sizes, reduces inventory.
  5. Compact, hence multiple terminations possible.
  6. Umlimited shelf life.
  7. Immediate enegisation og cable on completion.
  8. Designed to meet international specifications IDE, IEC, IS & IEEE.

HS XLPE Termination                                                                                3M Price List w.e.f. 01-01-16
HS XLPE Straight Through
HS Low Voltage (LT)
HS General