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Heat Shrink Sleeves

Heat Shrink Tubes Vs. Cold Shrink Tubes – Which One to Choose?

Both heat and cold shrink tubes look similar; however, they are different feature-wise. Most people who are not aware of the differences sometimes get confused between the two types of tubes. Depending on the different insulation techniques, these shrink sleeves are used for different types of applications. Since both are used for electrical equipment hence, assessing the difference between both is essential.

Differences between heat shrink sleeves and cold shrink sleeves

Heat shrinks sleeves have the pre-stretched feature and a separate sleeve. As the name suggests, this sleeve requires heat for installation purposes. On the contrary, a removable plastic core is being applied on the cold shrink sleeves, which makes it easier to move the same around. When the heat shrink sleeves are used, the polyolefin tubing is reduced with heat and shrunk to its original size. This creates a seal over the cable.

Unlike the heat shrink sleeves, the cold shrink is composed of silicone rubber, making the tubes highly UV resistant. In the cold shrink sleeves, no heat is required. Heat shrink sleeves are mostly used for common applications in military logistics, automobile, industrial infrastructure, boats and ships, and space programs.

Since cold shrink sleeves are not affected by heat, they are widely used for external or outdoor purposes. In the majority of the cases, the applications of cold shrink sleeves are used in coastal environments, refineries, overhead joints protection, and vibration prone spaces.

Both the sleeves are used for various purposes; however, the ease of usage depends on the environmental suitability. All sleeves are applicable for all electrical purposes; however, the decision needs to be taken depending on the features. Hence, you need to assess the environment before deciding on the sleeve option that is best for you.

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