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Industrial plugs & sockets

What are the Key Benefits of Using Industrial Plugs and Sockets?

Industrial plugs and sockets are two main products used in electric power distribution systems. They provide an electric connection to the mains, which have a higher voltage than the household plugs. This is how it provides a consistent power supply to large machines and devices. Modern industrial plugs are well-built with waterproof features that make […]

3M Cable jointing Kit

Underground vs Overground cabling Systems – Which is a Better Option?

Electricity which is produced and distributed on a large scale, is transmitted through power cables. Until few years, you might’ve seen messy cables dangling over your head throughout the roads, highways and lanes. Previously overground cable system was the only feasible option that was available. However, with technology change, overground cable gained more popularity. Professional […]

Electrical Hardware In Kolkata

6 Common types of Electrical Hardware Used for Installation Purpose

Electrical hardware is an integral part of every household and business. With the proper hardware, you might not get the proper electrical system build-up. Although there’re more parts involved in the process, you can get a flawless system without the right type of electrical hardware. Thus, buying the right type of electrical hardware in Kolkata […]

Sintex SMC Junction Boxes

5 Major Benefits of Installing Sintex SMC Junction Boxes

With passing days, people are becoming more aesthetic. They try to find beauty in every other thing of the world. Hence, man has invented a solution to cover anything unpleasant to the eyes. Sintex SMC junction box is one such breakthrough invention in the field of electricity. You must’ve seen small rectangular boxes made of […]