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Chemical Earthing systems

Debunking Myths Associated with Chemical Earthing System

Earthing and lightning protection is crucial for every building and facility. It is necessary not to compromise on safety regarding these matters. This is why earthing is required to eliminate the electrostatic discharge and faulty current passing. You can buy the system from a reputable manufacturer for chemical earthing in Kolkata.

Chemical earthing is a proven solution to attain earthing needs. However, there are several myths associated with it. In this blog, we have debunked them with proper explanations.

Myths Associated with Chemical Earthing System

Myth 1: Chemical filled electrodes are maintenance-free

For an effective electrode, corrosion resistance is required to determine the system’s longevity. Detecting the failed Earth electrodes is not easy since they lie deep underground. Recent studies indicate that the systems can last up to 30 years. Galvanised steel pipes have shorter lives than copper-clad steel. Hence, copper bonded electrodes are an economical option. This is because they offer lasting benefits and is a safe alternative to the other kinds.

Myth 2: Chemical Filled Electrodes are easy to install than Copper Bonded Rods.

Due to their shape, the installation of pipe electrodes requires thorough digging on the Earth to a certain depth. The holes have to go more than 3 metres before placing the electrode and filling it up again. This is a time-consuming process and would need extensive instruments.

The steel core has amazing strength. Depending on site conditions, you can hammer the chemical earthing systems into the Earth. The installation, therefore, becomes quick and effective.

Materials Used in Chemical Earthing 

There are several materials used to make chemical earthing systems. The common ones include –

  • Earth Electrode.
  • Funnel.
  • Reducing socket.
  • Carbon powder / Bentonite powder.
  • Wire mesh.

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