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Maintenance Free Earthing

Why are Maintenance Free Earthing Solutions Important?

Earthing systems are the protective covers required by every reliable electrical system. Installing a good earthing system is important as the same ensures that the electric system is maintained and protected against short circuits. Thus good earthing systems are important. This helps to ensure the safety of human life and the environment. Maintenance-free earthing solutions […]

Chemical Earthing systems

Debunking Myths Associated with Chemical Earthing System

Earthing and lightning protection is crucial for every building and facility. It is necessary not to compromise on safety regarding these matters. This is why earthing is required to eliminate the electrostatic discharge and faulty current passing. You can buy the system from a reputable manufacturer for chemical earthing in Kolkata. Chemical earthing is a […]

Maintenance Free Earthing

Why is Maintenance Free Earthing Better than Conventional System?

There are two types of earthing, namely the conventional copper pit and the maintenance-free chemical earthing. Manufacturers and installers opine that a maintenance-free earthing system is far better and a safer option. Unlike the maintenance-free earthing, you may experience erratic behavior in the conventional system as the Ohmic values keep changing depending on the seasonal […]