Indelec Advanced Earthing System

INDELEC, French Company with over 50 years experience in Lightning protection & Earthing equipment, has recently developed elaborated solutions to provide Ultra Low Resistance & Maintenance Free Earthing Systems specially designed for your projects.

INDELEC Advanced Earthing Solutions are made of High Quality Copper bonded Electrodes, XGEL High Conductivity Earth Gel and Z-Earth Ground Enhancing Compound. Arranged in different designs and quantities depending on soil conditions at your site, INDELEC’s engineered solutions offer the earth resistance you require and ensure safety to your personal and equipments for a minimum and calculated investment.



Why do you need good Earthing Systems?

The purpose of an Earthing System is to ensure the safety of your personal, provide protection to your site, guarantee the performance and reliability of your equipments, and ensure a safe path for the dissipation of any fault or lightning current. It is therefore ESSENTIAL for any electrical installation.

What is good Earthing Systems?

A good Earthing should:

Have a low resistanace value, Be resistant to corrosion, Be independent on season / weather change

The resistance value and the corrosion factor directly depends on the nature of the soil, more exactly on its electrical resistivity. The “Season change” factor depends on the moisture contents.

Besides, it’s important to note that:

The lower the soil resistivity, the lower the resistance value and the more the corrosion

The higher the soil resistivity, the higher the resistance value and the lesser the corrosion

Therefore, a good Earthing should ensure a balance between low resistance value and low corrosion, and maintain a constant moisture level during all seasons.

XGel: High Conductivity Earth Gel

  • Enhances ionic properties of the soil: drastically reduces soil resistivity
  • Remains around the earth electrodes; does not get washed (Gel substance)
  • Increases life span of earthing systems: protects from corrosion
  • Maintenance Free

Z-Earth: Ground Enhancing Compound

  • High Hygroscopic properties: retains moisture
  • Ensures thermal and humidity stability
  • Good diffusion / dissipation properties
  • Non corrosive

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