Indelec Early Streamer Emmission Lightning Conductors

INDELEC’S reputation in the field of lightning protection dates back almost fifty years. Since 1986, the company has invested heavily in the manufacture of its PREVECTRON Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor. This has involved both fundamental research into the physical phenomena associated with lightning, as well as extensive product development.
The latest PREVECTRON 3 series provides optimal protection against the direct effects of lightning.




The PREVECTRON 3 operates in 4 stages:

  1. Charging the Ionization System and OptiMax Module: The device is charged via the lower electrodes using the ambient electrical field (several thousand volts / meter when storms are approacing). This means the PREVECTRON 3 is a fully autonomous system requiring no external power supply.
  2. Activating the new OptiMax Technology: Whilst dynamically assessing the development of the surrounding electrical field, the PREVECTRON 3 detects the appearances of a downward leader. This innovative and patented OptiMax system is then activated to neutralize the space charges, which naturally occur around the lightning conductor. The PREVECTRON 3 is ready to operate in an optimal environment.
    Early triggering of the upward leader using a system of spark ionization between the upper electrodes and the central tip.
  3. Controlling the Ionization Process:The ambient electrical field increases rapidly when a discharge is imminent and a downward leader descends from cloud to ground. This triggers ionization process, using a spark ionization system between the upper electrodes and the central tip. The PREVECTRON 3 reacts at the precise moment, when the risk of lightning discharge is imminent.
  4. Early Triggering of the Upward Leader: The controlled ionization process and the new OptiMax technology guarantee the triggering of an upward leader ahead of any other protruding point within the are to be protected. The PREVECTRON 3 is the preferential point of impact for the lightning discharge and provides the structure with maximum protection.

Protection Areas:

French Standard NFC 17-102 requires that every ESE Lightning Conductor first undergo a series of high-voltage laboratory tests to determine the gain in triggering time in comparison to a simple rod. The value obtained – referred to as at – equals the average trigger time over a run of 100 electrical discharges in the laboratory, minus a 35% safety margin. This figure is then used to calculate each conductor’s protection area according to the standardized formula. From the outset, INDELEC subjected the PREVECTRON®2 to independent testing in laboratories across France (EDF facility at Renardieres & Cediver Laboratory at Bazet) and internationally (Louvain University in Belgium, IREQ n Canada & KERI in south Korea). The tests highlighted the advantages of the PREVECTRON®2’s early triggering system compared to a passive rod and allowed each model’s average at value to be measured. The results of the tests have all been approved by the CNRS and are available on request.

Key benefits:

The skills of INDELEC’s engineers, the variety of tests carried out in both high-voltage laboratories and real-life lightning conditions, and the experience gained from the thousands of PREVECTRON 3 installations around the world, have allowed us to develop a complete range of lightning conductors offering a host of key benefits:

  1. 5-Model range offering customized solutions for each project (Easthetic Constraints, required protection area, etc.)
  2. Fully autonomous operation.
  3. Total reliability, even in extreme climatic conditions
  4. Proven, robust design able to withstand multiple lightning strikes.
  5. Lightning conductor only becomes active when electrical field intensity rises ( Lightning discharge likely), The PREVECTRON 3 presents no danger to the site.
  6. Straightforward installation & maintenances using tools specially developed by Indelec, including protection calculation software, strike counter and PREVECTRON tester.
  7. High voltage laboratory test results available on request.
  8. Real life test results & scientific reports available on request.
  9. Ultra safe capture tip thanks to full electrical continuity between the tip and the earth point.
  10. ISO 9001-2000 Manufacturing process (Certificate # 116884).

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