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Maintenance Free Earthing

Why are Maintenance Free Earthing Solutions Important?

Earthing systems are the protective covers required by every reliable electrical system. Installing a good earthing system is important as the same ensures that the electric system is maintained and protected against short circuits. Thus good earthing systems are important. This helps to ensure the safety of human life and the environment. Maintenance-free earthing solutions are thus a great option as it is completely safe.

As the name suggests, this earthing doesn’t require maintenance. Using this earthing helps eliminate the problems of conventional earthing, and it acts as a protective layer in all types of soil conditions, even during dry and wet weather.

Why are maintenance-free earthing solutions good options?

Using a maintenance-free earthing solution will protect the electrical wires and human life under adverse weather conditions. This type of earthing solution helps to limit the damage on the electrical equip[ment in case of any electrical faults or sudden lightning during the rainy seasons. Moreover, regular maintenance of earthing electrodes is becoming difficult. In most cases, the electrodes are buried underground and are completely inaccessible.

Hence, using maintenance-free earthing is helpful considering such situations. You don’t have to get involved in any maintenance or inspection of the electrodes. Moisture plays a crucial role in changing the resistance power of electrodes. Using maintenance-free earthing solutions helps avoid any moisture p[roblems even during the monsoon seasons.

Limitation in conventional earthing system

The following problems cropping up with the conventional earthing system has provoked people to resort to maintenance-free earthing solutions.

  • No level of standardisation is ensured for conventional earthing systems.
  • In most earthing cases, a commercial-grade cast iron plate is used as an electrode.
  • Not suitable for places where the water table is higher.

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